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Collective Impact for the Benefit of the Community

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We strive to be catalytic in our approach to funding, seeking to achieve the best possible outcomes for the organizations we work with and support. Our most innovative and sustainable initiatives come to life through the unique partnerships we have built over many years, and the new ones we identify through relationship building and continual exploration and learning.”

— Robin Stauffer, Executive Director

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High Foundation’s mission is to be visionary and catalytic in focusing the philanthropy of the High Family. We focus our funding to improve the lives of people who live and work in the communities where High companies do business. We support and champion projects which enable the dignity, diversity, equality, and inclusion of all people, and generate measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact. 


Grant applications can be made by any 501c3 and are due by October 1 of each year.

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Core Requirements

  • Organizations seeking funding from High Foundation must be located in the areas in which High companies’ co-workers live and work. This includes Lancaster city, county, Central Pennsylvania, and beyond.
  • Organizational mission must be aligned with High Foundation Pillars of Investment and fall within our areas of focus (below).
  • Most importantly, organizations seeking funding from the Foundation must have a belief in, and forward-thinking mindset for, changing systemic biases and institutions that inhibit diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas of life.
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Our partnership with High Foundation is instrumental in the work we do. Their engagement in our services deepens and enriches our programs, providing greater and more varied opportunities for the individuals we work with.”

— Carlos Graupera, CEO, Spanish American Civic Association

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Requirements & Application

High Foundation contributes only to non-political, non-profit 501c3 organizations, focusing the majority of our contributions in the Lancaster County and South-Central Pennsylvania regions. We also consider contributions in other regions where the High companies are located. 


Before applying, please determine if your organization or initiative meets our Partner Guidelines.

Apply Here
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Thaddeus Stevens College believes that education is a pathway to prosperity. We are proud to partner with High Foundation to bridge the gap from poverty to sustainability. Our shared commitment to providing equitable access to higher education has transformed the lives of generations of families while supporting the economic growth of industry across the Commonwealth.”

— Pedro Rivera, President, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology